Large & Luxury Hotels, More than 700 Rooms (IEC)

IEC Electrical & Digital architecture reference
Published by Schneider Electric


IEC Large & luxury Hotel
arge and luxury hotels are complex facilities utilizing many systems to manage different processes. Guests come and leave all hours of the day or night. Thus, the operating hours of a hotel are around the clock, 365 days per year.

The electrical distribution system will be summarized in the available document. Avoiding downtime is a top priority in hospitality operations. Hotels need to master energy use and protect loads against disturbances. Full visibility into the electrical distribution (including metering, visualization and control) contributes to a safe and reliable electrical system. This ranges from medium voltage and low voltage systems, to final distribution.

Schneider Electric EcoStruxureâ„¢ is designed to master all of these points, and more, regardless of the hotel size.

Large & Luxury Hotels, More than 700 Rooms (IEC)