Small & Focused Service Hotels (IEC) - Full Engineering Package

IEC electrical & digital architecture includng CAD files for Small & Focused Service Hotels
Published by Schneider Electric


  • Content
  • Scope of application
  • Solutions for


This reference design - Full Engineering Package contains:

Engineering Reports

  • IEC Hotel Digital Architecture.pdf
  • IEC Small Focused Service Hotel Reference Design.pdf

  • SLD CAD files:

  • Focused Service Hotel.pdf
  • Focused Service Hotel.dwg
  • Focused Service Hotel SLD.pdf
  • Focused Service Hotel SLD with com.pdf
  • Scope of application

    This reference design is applicable for:

    Hotel capacity:

  • Rooms: up to 200 rooms
  • Solutions for

    This reference design helps hotel managers and operation teams address the following challenges:

  • Guest satisfaction: Provide guests the comfort they expect to enhance loyalty and revenue
  • Operational efficiency: Increase team productivity to allow them to focus on guest satisfaction
  • Energy efficiency: Reduce energy costs and carbon emissions
  • Sustainability: Ensure your building meets regulatory demands and customer expectations
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