Large Data Center 4200 kW IT (IEC)

Data Center Design Overview
Published by Schneider Electric


IEC Large Data Center 4200 kW IT

A data center is a facility hosting IT devices. It is characterized by IT power, availability level and building space. The main benefits are Availability, Safety, and Operational Efficiency.

Electrical power supplies 2 main spaces where power is critical: the mechanical space and the IT space. This electrical distribution is done from the grid connection at medium voltage, through the low voltage distribution and then to the final power distribution unit.

The EcoStruxureâ„¢ platform with its 3 layers:

  • The connected products, such as breakers and power/quality meters,
  • The edge control with the Power SCADA Operation with Advanced Reports and Dashboards
  • The Apps & Analytics layer with Schneider Electric services, contributes to enhance the safety, availability and efficiency of the data center.
  • Large Data Center 4200 kW IT (IEC)

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