EcoStruxure™ Plant Reference Architectures for Hydropower Plant

Technical Note
Published by Schneider Electric


Hydropower Plant Applications Architectures

The intent of this document is to:

  • Describe a typical hydropower control process and its main functional units.
  • Provide reference architectures based on different generating capacity and requirements.
  • Explain the selected reference architectures, including targeted applications, topologies, components and benefits.
  • Guide user in the selection of suitable architectures according to their demands.
  • Update the selected architectures based on EcoStruxure™ Plant architecture.
  • EcoStruxure™ Plant Reference Architectures for Hydropower Plant


    This document provides guidelines and recommendations for selecting Appropriate hydropower plant reference architecture
    It provide users with an overview of hydropower control system that included control processes and essential electrical equipment
    It also present a reference hydropower architecture based on EcoStruxure™ Plant principles, and solution in details, along with some examples of targeted applications, architecture topologies, components, and benefits

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