Hybrid Reference Architectures

Reference architectures for EcoStruxure™ Plant Hybrid
Published by Schneider Electric


Hybrid Reference Architectures

The system architectures described in this document are classified in several ways in terms of key hardware and software components and the interfaces and interactions between these components. This is meant to help customers in all phases of their applications.

The same reference architecture covers different vertical applications from field to enterprise networks.

  • Pre-tested reference architectures are used to reduce project development time and risk.
  • Automation system architectures, which derive from project specifications (for example, piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID) and device lists), and device list), is based not only on product catalogs, but on the reference architecture catalogs.
  • Customization is required to adapt the selected architecture to meet the project requirements and constraints.
  • Hybrid Reference Architectures

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