EcoStruxure™ Machine Expert - HVAC

Programming Software for Modicon M171-M172 Logic Controllers
Published by Schneider Electric


HVAC software solution

EcoStruxure™ Machine Expert - HVAC (formerly known as SoMachine HVAC) is the software platform to save engineering time through intuitive machine programming of your Modicon M171-M172 logic controllers.

It includes:

  • Programming Modicon M171/M172 logic controllers (performance and optimized) and remote display units
  • Setting up expansion buses and networks
  • Creating the screen of the displays (built-in and displays of the M171/M172 logic controller offer)
  • Configuring BMS communication modules on BACnet MS/TP (B-AAC profile), Modbus SL, Modbus TCP, BAcnet MS/TP, BACnet IP (B-AAC profile), and LonWorks (FFT-10)
  • Dedicated libraries such as: a library of application function blocks (AFB); a library of Tested, Validated, and Documented Applications (TVDA) for HVAC machines such as chillers, air handling units (AHU), heat pumps; and full simulation mode

Note: Version 1.4.0

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EcoStruxure™ Machine Expert - HVAC

Universal programming software for machines automated by Modicon M171/M172 logic controllers

A range of products including Modicon M171, Modicon M172, Humidity and temperature sensors.

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