Predictive Layer Genius for Renewable

Forecast, Store and Optimize your Renewable Energy Production
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Predictive Layer Genius for Renewable
Predictive Layer Genius Renewable allows industrial sites and renewable energy producers to forecast, store and optimize their renewable energy production (solar or wind) with energy storage (battery or hydro reservoir) to minimize costs of net consumption and maximize production sales value on the Energy markets.

Based on automated Machine Learning artificial intelligence, and connectivity to 10'000 open data of energy markets in EU, US and India, Genius Renewable is automatically estimating and forecasting renewable production for the short term time frames (hours, days, week, months). Moreover, Genius Renewable is correlating and computing the local consumptions associated to weather, calendar, industrial or business schedules. The solution evaluates the balance and cost of futur energy markets in the short term, by automatically processing TSO signals and open data inputs in the regions.

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Predictive Layer Genius for Renewable


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