Smart Leakage Management

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Smart Leakage Management

Leakage from water distributions networks has remained at 30%, or more, for many years. The impact for Water Companies extends far beyond treatment costs and can be considered a major driver of total expenditure. This phenomenon influences multiple areas from network maintenance and renewal, to water quality, customer satisfaction, cost to serve and regulatory performance.

The trend towards acoustic monitoring has proven to be effective but represents a costly and long term strategy. Yet the data required to tackle leakage already exists, but needs to be intelligently applied. Capgeminiā€™s Smart Leakage Management delivers this intelligence by transforming leak detection from an art to a science.

The occurrence and location of leaks can be identified with nearly 80% accuracy, up to 21 days before a leak is typically visible. Our solution provides cost-effective insights which accelerates leak detection, reduces regulatory penalties, requires no additional assets or manpower.

Smart Leakage Management

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