Positive Energy Ltd - Digital platform for renewable energy finance

Simplifying Renewable Energy Finance
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Finance your renewable energy projects

Positive Energy Ltd provides a digital service that helps project developers of small to mid-size renewable energy projects (looking for 1 to 50MUSD) to finance their projects. We support on-shore wind, grid-tied and rooftop solar, biomass, energy storage, and micro-grid projects.

Positive Energy Ltd - Digital platform for renewable energy finance



Reduce Time-to-Finance by up to 50%

Thanks to our digital investment process we reduce the time required to close a transaction for your energy project. Your project is immediately listed to our investor community and our digital collaboration tool accelerates the negotiation process.

Reduce cost of transactions

Our workflow and reports reduce the cost of the transactions by removing all non productive tasks like data collection, report and presentation preparation, information sharing and verification, financial model verification

Access to a large community of investors

By listing your project on our platform, you have immediate access to a large community of institutional investors. We work with infrastructure funds, family offices, project finance banks, and strategic investors.

Present effectively your project to Investors

Our digital platform helps you gather and present in the best possible way all the information required by investors for them to assess quickly your project(s).

Strength bankability of your project

Our expert system helps you create a complete and thorough investment file that enhances the bankability of your project(s).

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