Wireless Power Network for Industrial IOT

World's first truly wireless IIOT system
Published by TransferFi Pte. Ltd.


The world leader for long-range, safe and efficient wireless power networks for Industrial IoT

The TFi WPN is an Industrial IoT system that provides seamless power and high-quality data integration without the need for cabling infrastructure and the costly maintenance of batteries enabling scale for true autonomy.

The next industrial revolution is now a reality, reducing OPEX, CAPEX and increasing overall value through industrial autonomy. Industrial concepts such as Industry 4.0 still remains a dream as large-scale sensor deployments requires complex wiring infrastructure and hurts business with expensive down time.

The TFi WPN IIOT system provides a solution that scales with turnkey solutions for smart buildings, logistics, manufacturing and data centres where large-scale sensor deployments are necessary and time is extremely valuable.

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Wireless Power Network for Industrial IOT

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Take digitization to scale with the TFi Wireless Power Network

With the current wired sensor deployments, majority of deployment time is wasted on installation & cabling, which consists of more than 60% of the overall sensor deployment budget. That figure is increasing every year as labour costs are constantly on the rise. The inevitable cost for wiring is creating a barrier to digitization, IoT and the dream of full autonomy.

Cost savings and non-invasive deployment

TFi WPN will reduce the cost of installation by 50% and reduce deployment time by 80% without the use of cables and batteries maintenance. The system is ready to be deployed and its value proposition cannot be ignored.
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