AVEVA™ Process Optimization

Rigorous Online Modelling with Equation-Based Optimisation
Published by AVEVA Group PLC


  • Highlights
  • Diagnose Performance Bottlenecks
  • Automated Optimisation and Reporting
  • Make More Informed Decisions


Easy to Use:

  • AVEVA™ Process Optimization user interface and client/server architecture enables users to create flow sheets and specify optimization constraints from anywhere within the computing network.

Easy to Implement:

  • Equation-based modeling enables flexible model specifications, and allows project implementation and optimization to start at any level and scale.

Easy to Customize:

  • AVEVA™ Process Optimization provides a powerful graphical mechanism for extending its library of models and correlations. With its integrated algebraic modeling language, AVEVA™ Process Optimization users can directly customize their models and calculations to fit their purpose.

Easy to Integrate:

  • AVEVA™ Process Optimization’s graphical user interface and open architecture supports OPC, ODBC, and other data communication protocols, as well as direct interfaces to industry-standard process historians. Additionally, AVEVA™ Process Optimization can communicate with third-party products utilizing OPC-UA.

Diagnose Performance Bottlenecks

AVEVA™ Process Optimization uses validated and reconciled data to calculate performance information including exchanger fouling, catalyst activity, compressor, and column tray efficiencies.

Users can efficiently diagnose the root cause of performance degradation and processing bottlenecks. By quickly identifying problem areas before they trigger an alarm, plants can avoid near misses, accidents and unscheduled shutdowns.

AVEVA™ Process Optimization includes methods to prevent inaccurate or faulty information from adversely affecting plant control systems.

Diagnose Performance Bottlenecks

Automated Optimisation and Reporting

Process Optimisation’s Real-time System (RTS) provides an integrated, graphical scheduling environment that enables users to automate optimisation and reporting.

Using RTS, users can easily define complex event sequences for closed loop optimisation without user intervention. Task sequences can be scheduled to run daily, weekly, or at any preset interval. They can also be dynamically controlled when specific conditions, such as reaching steady state, are met.

Automated Optimisation and Reporting

Make More Informed Decisions

AVEVA™ Process Optimization’s External Data Interface (EDI) enables the retrieval of process and economic information from numerous sources, including the DCS, laboratory, data historians, ERP, plant instrumentation, or any OPC, ODBC, OPC-UA and other industry-standard compliant applications.

It is easy to access complete and accurate information to support optimal decision making and reliable planning.

Make More Informed Decisions
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