AVEVA™ Process Optimization

Rigorous Online Modelling with Equation-Based Optimisation
Published by AVEVA Group PLC


AVEVA™ Process Optimization

AVEVA™ Process Optimization is the only complete process optimization solution that integrates heat and material balance rigorous simulation, data reconciliation, gross error detection, economic optimization, and performance monitoring into a single user environment.

Its online modeling and optimization capabilities utilize industry proven thermodynamic methods and data to generate highly accurate operating information enabling managers to react quickly and precisely to changes in market pressures, energy costs, and equipment performance.

AVEVA™ Process Optimization's integrated interface and drag-and-drop functionality minimizes the user’s learning curve and accelerates real economic benefits. Its equation-based optimization engine is unmatched in modeling large processes

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AVEVA™ Process Optimization




Evaluate “What-If” Scenarios

AVEVA™ Process Optimization provides a Microsoft® Excel-based and flow sheet-based interface to enable offline “what-if” scenarios, using precise models that represent your plant’s actual operating conditions. AVEVA™ Process Optimization models can also be used for procurement planning, and for evaluating the benefits of process changes.

Automate Optimization and Reporting

AVEVA™ Process Optimization’s Real-time System (RTS) provides an integrated, graphical scheduling environment that enables users to automate optimization and reporting. Using AVEVA™ Process Optimization’s RTS, users can easily define complex event sequences for closed loop optimization without user intervention. Task sequences can be scheduled to run daily, weekly, or at any preset interval. They can also be dynamically controlled when specific conditions, such as reaching steady state, are met.

Visualize Results and Key Performance Indicators

AVEVA™ Process Optimization’s industry proven results can quickly be visualized using embedded web page reporting and via the application for web-based dashboards, displaying key performance indicators and other important operations information.

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