AVEVA™ Dynamic Simulation

High fidelity dynamic simulation for engineering and operator training solutions
Published by AVEVA Group PLC


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First Principles Equipment Models:

Ensure Accuracy and Robustness AVEVA™ Dynamic Simulation’s first principles models, including rigorous thermodynamic and fluid flow calculations, bring a superior level of robustness and accuracy to dynamic process simulation at your plant.

AVEVA™ Dynamic Simulation rigorously handles even the most complex plant layouts and systems, using a robust and high performance solution algorithm.

Furthermore, AVEVA™ Dynamic Simulation robustly models cold startup from purged conditions to normal operation and then back to shutdown.

Connect with DCS and PLC Control Systems:

AVEVA™ Dynamic Simulation takes full advantage of modern, open software standards to interface with other important plant applications, such as DCS and PLC control system emulators.

AVEVA™ Dynamic Simulation also connects easily with control system emulators (such as Foxboro Evo™ Simulation and Triconex Control Simulation) to drive operator training systems with a rigorous simulation foundation. AVEVA™ Dynamic Simulation provides an open API to connect any third-party simulation system.

Runtime Licenses:

AVEVA™ Dynamic Simulation is available in runtime licenses to reduce OTS deployment costs.

Runtime licenses provide the full power of the operating model but restrict the modification of the simulation database that defines the process model. The Engineer environment access mode is disabled during instructor, administrator, and operator environments.


System Options


  • Add C++ user added models
  • Disable any unit operation or flowsheet
  • Online help and search
  • Flowsheet interactive control widgets
  • Color coded input guidance
  • Add equations to model parameters
  • Instructor Features:

  • Administrator, engineer, instructor, and operator access modes
  • Scenarios, trends, and profile plots
  • Integrated model building graphical user interface
  • Trainee performance monitoring
  • Built in Control cross-referencing
  • Built-in model malfunctions
  • Snapshots for initial conditions and backtracks
  • Remote Functions/Field Operated Devices
  • Connectivity:

  • Microsoft Excel®
  • OPC
  • Foxboro Evo Simulation (for Foxboro Evo)
  • Triconex Control Simulation
  • Customized Solutions
  • AVEVA™ PRO/II Process Engineering Translator
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