SCADA software solution for operational efficiency
Published by AVEVA Group PLC


  • Optimising Production Efficiency
  • Engineering Cost Reductions
  • Increasing Operator Awareness
  • Latest Features

Optimising Production Efficiency

  • A dedicated out-of-the-box Situational Awareness Workspace that provides flexible, consistent, rich context for operators, as well as a new way to build context-aware SCADA visualization.
  • Equipment-driven interface provides operators with real-time, holistic situational context to help improve efficiency and facilitate timely corrective action.
  • Seamlessly integrated Alarming, Trending, Interlocks and Control data together in a single interface, across multiple monitors without the need for coding.
  • All helping to minimise visual distractions for operators, enabling timely decision making and helping to mitigate risk and operational downtime.
  • Optimising Production Efficiency

    Engineering Cost Reductions

  • A wide selection of configurable symbols that follow industry best practises for Situational Awareness / Abnormal Situation Management.
  • Out-of-the-box symbol library significantly reduces time building graphics while giving the flexibility to customize objects to suit your unique needs.
  • Improvements in graphics system and new workspace concept substantially reduces time building complex layouts.
  • Pinned windows, named animations, animated polyline vertices to help simplify the engineering experience.
  • Engineering Cost Reductions

    Increasing Operator Awareness

  • In-built navigation zone within Workspace providing a instant visual alarm summary, with immediate focus to abnormal situations, showing the highest priority alarm for a piece of equipment.
  • Alarm indicators to quickly draw operators attention and help locate the source of anomalies and associated severity.
  • Alarm Shelving allowing you to temporarily silence alarms for a specific duration or until a specified time, with the ability to re-shelve as needed.
  • Define up to 8 Cause(s), Response(s), and Consequence(s) for your alarms to give your operators the information they need to deal with abnormal situations.
  • Increasing Operator Awareness

    Latest Features

    The latest release of AVEVA™ Plant SCADA (formerly Citect) introduces a host of features that empower operators and help optimise engineering efficiency.

    Context-Aware Workspace:

  • In-built context system that updates faceplates and an information zone for selected equipment
  • Workspace templates for 1080p and 4K screen resolutions
  • Menu driven navigation, with auto-generated navigation menu with alarm counts
  • Multi-monitor support enabling you link multiple screens together
  • Comprehensive Equipment Library:

  • Wide selection of symbols that follow industry best practice for Abnormal Situation Management
  • Configurable and available out-of-the-box Alarm
  • Management Enhancements:

  • Shelve alarms and add information about the cause of alarm pauses, as well as auto/manual capabilities to un-shelve and re-shelve support
  • Define causes of alarms and include a response for every alarm, including “time to respond” and consequences for inaction
  • Native Alarm Indicators, showing alarm borders and flags for equipment in alarms
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