EcoStruxure™ Clean-in-Place Advisor

Solution to track & fine tune Clean In Place (CIP) operations
Published by Schneider Electric


  • Hightlights
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Independent platform : Possible link to Power Expert Monitoring (PME) software

Instrument independent : Work with different kind of sensors & suppliers

Open : No black box, customer can access data and take actions to further optimize CIP operations themselves

Modular solution : Step by step approach, several options for CIP optimization implementation

Flexible pricing : Flexible pricing based on options selected

Additional Features

  • Unlimited amount of Tag to be monitored
  • Compatible with all kinds of PLC (through OPC server)
  • Integration capability with WonderWare (System Platform, Skelta BPM, Smart Glance, Intelligence)
  • Easy to install (on average 3 days on site)
  • Smooth integration with specific hardware instrumentation such as Satron turbidity sensors or Indatech spot 4 lines
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