Facade Inspector

A.I. powered facade inspection solution
Published by H3 Dynamics


  • Facade Inspector

Facade Inspector

BENEFITS Take rectification action on reported defects and track progress over time Quickly visualize all defects, by type and severity level, mapped out on a building elevation drawing and take immediate, seamless action for rectification and repair works. Keep tracking of the building status over years and multiple inspections.
Facade Inspector
Lower cost
  • The solution removes the need for expensive equipment and applies AI to accelerate the work of professional engineers. The interactive report is provided at a lower cost than conventional paper-based engineering reports, enabling increased inspection frequency and improved building quality.
Take action and track progress
  • Focus on rectification actions and progress tracking. All other activities including building scan/image data acquisition processes are taken care of as part of the overall reporting service, anywhere in the world. Focus on decision making!
Increase safety and reduce liability risk
  • Data acquisition using HD / thermal drone cameras operating at height instead of workers on gondolas or boom lift equipment, eliminating accident risk from work at heights.
See beyond the visible spectrum
  • The use of combined high definition and thermal cameras offer the possibility of locating and tracking problems appearing behind surfaces, including water seepage and water leaks. These are also visualized in the defect map.
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