Facade Inspector

A.I. powered facade inspection solution
Published by H3 Dynamics


Automating and Digitizing Building Facade Inspections

H3 Zoom.ai uses autonomous field robots and drones to capture images of industrial assets or buildings and generate digital inspection reports as a service. This greatly alleviates the problem that owners, operators, and regulators are currently facing as they struggle with the limitations of manual inspections that are both error-prone and expensive.

With H3 Zoom, the typical 4-8 weeks inspection process for both tall and linear structures is condensed to mere hours, resulting in cost savings on manpower and increasing productivity.
Our solutions are tailored to various industries and support different types of sensor data.

Facade Inspector uses advanced computer vision to identify anomalies on building facades and rooftops. Dashboard insights and on-demand reports of building anomalies and defect resolutions are generated through automated workflows.

Facade Inspector

Building summary Facade Inspector


Safer workspace

Our solution improves safety by reducing work-at-height incidents through automated drone inspections that can reach elevated and hard to access areas.

Faster inspections

Accelerate the building inspection process by over 70%. Automated drone scans and machine-learning for quicker inspection turn-around times.

Lower costs

Reduction of labor and equipment costs by over 50%. Achieve cost-savings throughout the building lifecycle.

High accuracy

Reduce human errors during building condition assessments through image analytics, digital workflows, documentation, and inspection visibility.

Highly scalable

Scale your facility management and operational processes through actionable insights. Access the platform through web and mobile everywhere and anytime.

Validated by professional engineers

Our AI-enabled inspection results are reviewed and validated by Professional Engineers from the building and construction industry.
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