Tripwire Industrial Visibility

Total ICS intelligence
Published by BELDEN INC


  • Get an Accurate Map of Your Network
  • Proactively Fix Vulnerabilities
  • Detect Threats Sooner
  • Advanced Threat Modeling
  • Automate Security Controls

Get an Accurate Map of Your Network

Over a period of weeks, Tripwire Industrial Visibility uses machine learning to construct a baseline of normal operations which is then used to detect anomalies. By reading network traffic, it isolates all assets on your network and maps the flow of traffic between them. This data is then used to create graphical network maps that make it easier to visualize activity and to notice unplanned changes before any damage is done.

Proactively Fix Vulnerabilities

Once you know what’s really going on in your OT environment in terms of connected devices and network traffic, you can use Tripwire Industrial Visibility to drill down and look at common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs). These CVEs are publicly available and continuously updated in a centralized clearinghouse where emerging vulnerabilities are posted and verified. If you’re using a particular version of firmware or device model, you’ll be equipped with actionable information about any known cybersecurity risks associated with it.

Detect Threats Sooner

Tripwire Industrial Visibility uses machine learning to understand what “normal” looks like on your network, it creates a secure baseline and generates actionable alerts anytime unexpected behavior occurs. Inappropriate changes in configuration and unusual commands are compared against baseline behavior to identify intruders.

Tripwire Industrial Visibility can flag intruders even if they’ve successfully stolen legitimate credentials-their login info may look unremarkable, but their behavior will deviate from normal.

Advanced Threat Modeling

Tripwire Industrial Visibility employs sensors throughout your OT network to provide complete visibility, integrity and resilience.

Automate Security Controls

Tripwire Industrial Visibility leverages change management, event logging, passive monitoring and active scanning.
Change management
  • Tripwire Industrial Visibility reads configuration changes as they’re made to log and report modifications. You’ll be able to detect a suspicious change— such as credential escalation—before it results in real harm to your OT environment’s process and product.
Event Logging with Tripwire Log Center™
  • Tripwire Industrial Visibility includes Tripwire Log Center™, which gathers and aggregates event logs across multiple devices. Tripwire Log Center normalizes the data carried by varied devices and Syslog inflows. It then correlates events from that data, displaying actionable insights in a clear dashboard view.
Advanced scanning
  • The solution uses a combination of passive monitoring and active scanning to avoid disrupting sensitive legacy systems. A strategic combination of agentless and agent-based scanning keeps legacy systems up and running. Unlike traditional vulnerability management (VM) and security configuration management (SCM) products, it employs no-touch sensing that can be used when legacy systems would otherwise crash when polled.
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