Tripwire Log Center

Collect and analyze device log data
Published by BELDEN INC


Tripwire Log Center: Security Intelligence Made Simple

One of the most fundamental security controls is the ability to collect and analyze device log data. Yet the mountain of data generated within a modern network can make identifying the true anomalies and threats almost impossible.

Tripwire Log Center solves this problem by securely collecting all log data and then filtering and analyzing that data so that only relevant events are sent to your IT security team or forwarded to your SIEM.

Log management is a best practice that is referenced by many ICS cybersecurity frameworks and regulations (including but not limited to IEC62443, NERC CIP, NIST SP 800-82, and American Water Works Association Process Control Network Security Guidance). Even if you have not selected a cybersecurity framework to adopt or follow, you can still set up a centralized log repository and begin harvesting/analyzing log events. This can prove valuable for discovering if there are any cyber events impacting-or with the potential to impact-the industrial process.

Tripwire Log Center

Log correlation engine

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