Real-Time Location System

Hyperlocation technologies for lean transformation
Published by Ubudu


Solution to improve operational efficiency on industrial sites, using localisation

Ubudu was founded in France in 2011 by two engineers, Francois Kruta and Thomas Saphir, with a mission to increase business efficiency through the use of IoT. Driven by their longstanding passion for change through technology, exerted successfully during their careers in large industrial, consulting and startup firms, they saw the Internet of Things revolution coming, and decided to focus on perhaps the most critical data it requires: Location.

Ubudu provides real-time precise location data to improve the productivity and safety of operations in physical sites. Asset tracking, worker safety, resource utilization analytics and service automation are among the use cases we provide to our clients. The solution enabled McDonald's to save 20 seconds per table service by geolocating customers in the restaurant. Now used in 2,000 restaurants worldwide, McDonald's saved upwards of $30M per year using Ubudu.
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Real-Time Location System

Manage flows thanks to heatmaps

Asset tracking with high accuracy

In-house Ubudu dashboard to use analytics and charts

Ubudu architecture

Real-time geofencing and alerts


Visibility on production

Real-time visibility on work order status and location

Worker productivity

Save time to find work order in shop floor


Automated replenishment or forklift call, using Ubudu API

Turnaround time reduction

Reduce motion time of work orders between workstations
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