Verdigris IoT Energy Meter

Machine-assisted energy analytics and insights
Published by Verdigris


Digitalized Energy Data for Energy Intelligence, Analytics and Systems Integration

With people spending 92% of their time in buildings, we want to create a world where buildings take care of people, not the other way around. Too often we find ourselves wasting valuable resources resolving building issues, from broken equipments to high energy balances. We want to remove that burden from people with smart technology. Our vision for the future integrates the data insights and actionable items so that buildings become autonomous and responsive to people.

Verdigris is an artificial intelligence company that focuses on optimizing building operation and energy consumption. Our core technology combines magnetic sensors with machine-learning techniques. Verdigris smart sensors placed at the electrical panel sample at extremely high frequency. This high frequency data is fundamental to algorithmically "learning" a building. Our algorithms use this information to produce energy and demand forecasts, motor fault sensor streams, and device level energy information.
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Verdigris IoT Energy Meter

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