EcoStruxure™ Augmented Operator Advisor - Windows Mobile

Windows mobile app for industrial augmented reality applications
Published by Schneider Electric


  • Highlights


Points of interest

Wide selection of information: real-time data from PLC, documents, images, web pages, notes, labels, data from a SQL Database

Access documents

PDF files for technical documentation of the equipment, electrical diagrams, images, videos

Access hidden parts

Possibility to open virtually an electrical cabinet visualizing inside or access to some hidden parts of a machine

Highlight of defaults

Color variation display with respect to the operating state of the machine

Detection mode

Recognition of a scene by tag or 2D image to guarantee easy and fast detection in all situation

Image freeze

Ability to freeze the image and continue working by putting the tablet on a table to free hands


Banner to display information on other scenes

Access control

Different access privileges, depending on user profiles, roles and responsibilities


Changes the project language on the fly


Available on iOS, Android and Windows tablets


Possibility to guide step by step an operator to execute an operation by giving him instructions on the tablet

Unauthorised background image

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