AVEVA™ Insight

Cloud based solution to turn industrial data into powerful, actionable insights
Published by AVEVA Group PLC


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Eliminate investments in hardware servers, maintenance and software upgrades with our cloud solutions. The annual subscription model offers a scalable approach to suit growth.

  • Consolidate - Integrate content from multiple data sources using a single, cloud-based system
  • Large Capacity - Handle millions of tags and unlimited users, providing immeasurable capability
  • Access Everywhere - Powerful analysis and reporting tools deliver visualisation to web or mobile devices anywhere, anytime
  • Collaborate - Share plant operations insights and best practices across the enterprise
  • Stay Current - The Software as a Service is continuously kept up-to-date and allows for updates to be managed seamlessly in the cloud
  • Security - Safe, secure and reliable powered by Microsoft Azure’s proven cloud technology
  •   Quickly get started collecting and storing high fidelity, time-series data from multiple, disparate sensors and smart devices within the secure cloud. Authorised users receive easily understandable power analysis and intelligent reporting tools via web or mobile. All of this, right when you need it, whenever you need it. It is that simple.

    • Collect equipment downtime event and production data from your plants through edge devices, or manual data entry.
    • Empower operators and engineers to drive performance improvements with visibility of equipment efficiency KPI’s in real time and asset utilisation root cause analyses.
    • Standardise and share best practices in the cloud.

    Your business decisions will be made both faster and more informed thanks to responsive newsfeeds, and alerts on up-to-date intelligence. Use this information to build time-series and event data into intuitive charts and dashboards for web and mobile devices,

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