Advanced Fault Detection

Schneider-Electric Analytics & AI
Published by Schneider Electric


  • Discover the API through the Developer Portal
  • Authorization key for Production environment
  • Discover Analytics thanks to a micro-Application

Discover the API through the Developer Portal

The Developer portal (Dev Portal) is an interactive portal where you can:
  • Learn more about the API by testing it using built in values and pre-processed sample data
  • Provide your own request values for complementary tests
  • Check out Mandatory and Optional parameters
  • If your test involves a CreateModel API: once a model is created, copy the modelID returned by the API and paste it as a parameter before executing applyModel API under "modelID" attribute
  • Obtain the authorization key for Production environment (see next feature)
  • Note: Amount of calls to the API in the SANDBOX are limited. To get a full experience and extend the thresholds, please subscribe to the Analytics and use the production environment.

    Authorization key for Production environment

    To be able to use the APIs from your own applications you will need to be authorized. Authorization is managed by using API Key. To obtain such a key please follow these steps:

    Subscribe to the API product

    • Click the “Add to My Digital Library” button

    Retrieve the API Key

    • Go to the DevPortal (or to your digital library)
    • Click the API product you have subscribed to
    • Select one of the methods (under Authentication section) and click "Try It"
    • On loading, select "Production" under Target dropdown
    • Your API key is shown under the "Auth (api_key)" section

    Note: To use the API Key in your own application, add in your request header the following parameter : “Authorization: ”

    Discover Analytics thanks to a micro-Application

    The micro-Application offers a guided tour of the Analytics to:

  • Understand step by step the Analytics
  • See Analytics value on a end-to-end use case
  • Train Machine Learning models, apply it on test dataset and visualize or download predictions
  • Apply Analytics on your own imported data or select the pre-entered one
  • The micro-Application is a demonstrator of the Analytics Factory Components.
    The micro-Application is free but utilization is limited (see "Usage Limit" tab for more information).
    An Exchange account is required to use micro-Application.

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