Building Energy Modeling

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Building Energy Modeling analytics provides the ability to automatically identify the energy consumption model (a.k.a. 'Thermal signature’) of a Building. It can consider several drivers (e.g. the production for a plant, the number of people...) that also influence the energy consumption.

Building Energy Modeling analytics includes four features:

createModel- Identify the best daily, weekly or monthly energy model of a building among reference model types (ASHRAE), with automatic time binning and outlier detection (createModel).

applyModel- Apply an existing model to new data to estimate the energy that should have been consumed in these conditions. This can be used to detect anomalous consumptions or track progress of energy conservation measures during a retrofit operation (applyModel).

- Get metrics to ensure a model is good enough to compute savings (assessModelQualityForSavings)

- Get information on an existing model(getModelInformation

Building Energy Modeling

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