eDataMotic solution

Real time data analysis to upgrade industrial performance
Published by AQUASSAY


Real time analysis to upgrade industrial performance
eDataMotic is a real time data analysis solution. Target is to improve industrial and environmental performance on water usages. It is a comprehensive service, which can include your entire chain of needs: acquisition, transmission, management, storage and use of data flow in real time.
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eDataMotic solution

eDATAMOTIC applications


Why this?
Simple to implement : (plug-and-play connections and web applications = no software installation, centralised development and maintenance). Simple to use : devised by on-the-ground users

Choose and configure your advanced data analysis applications. Configure applications for each of your users

Begin with a few applications and gradually extend out to all your activities in an integrated manner. Our suite of applications is constantly evolving (new versions and addition of new advanced functions)