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Realtime Threat Monitoring
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  • Comprehensive Cybersecurity Platform
  • OT-Safe
  • Asset and Change Management Monitoring
  • Advanced Filters
  • Cost-Effective Deployment

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Platform

Claroty’s integrated ICS suite protects the safety of people, assets, and critical processes from cyber attacks. The platform provides security teams with extreme visibility into industrial control networks, real-time monitoring, network segmentation, control over employee and 3rd party remote access, and integration with existing SOC, cybersecurity and network infrastructure.
Continuous Threat Detection
  • Claroty’s flagship product, Continuous Threat Detection, provides extreme visibility, continuous threat and vulnerability monitoring, and deep insights into ICS networks.
Secure Remote Access
  • This minimizes the risks remote users, including employees and 3rd parties, introduce to OT networks. It provides a single, manageable interface that all external users connect through, prior to performing software upgrades, periodic maintenance, and other support activities on assets within industrial control system networks.
Enterprise Management Console
  • This is a centralized management interface that consolidates data from Claroty products across multiple sites, and displays a unified view of assets, activities and alerts, making it highly suitable for security operations center (SOC) deployments.
Security Posture Assessment
  • Claroty provides security teams with insights into the security risk posture of your OT network by running a comprehensive analysis of a packet capture (PCAP) file. With a detailed analysis of the assets and network communication patterns discovered and deep insights about weaknesses in your OT network, your teams have the information they need to fix hidden issues that may give an attacker a foothold or impact critical processes.


Analysis is applied to a copy of real-time traffic through SPAN ports (Ethernet) or hardware taps (serial), never impacting live plant traffic.

Asset and Change Management Monitoring

Detailed real-time asset discovery enables automated inventory and configuration tracking tasks. Claroty's solution is vendor-neutral and discovers all assets ranging from networking equipment to field I/O.
Asset and Change Management Monitoring
Monitor Assets for Critical Changes
  • Detect changes that pose a potential or actual impact to the industrial process.
Detect and Hunt for Known and Unknown Threats
  • Identify anomalous behavior and other indicators that reveals a malicious presence in the network and proactively search for threats across multi-plant environments.

Advanced Filters

Multiple filters can be applied to network, assets, baselines and alerts to gain insights into important portions of the network or search for hidden malicious activity.
Advanced Filters

Cost-Effective Deployment

Supporting geographically-spread environments across multiple remote sites. Suitable for installation in extreme environments (in isolated sites) – covering such use cases as electric transmission, oil/gas pipelines, mining operations and water/wastewater management
Cost-Effective Deployment
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