Spare Parts Forecasting

Forecast the demand for spare parts
Published by Accenture


Spare Parts Forecasting

Spare parts demand planning is a key success factor for any business that manages inventory. The lack of an automated process leads to inaccurate forecasting and generates inventory overstock or shortages.

This application manages all business / product hierarchies and automates the process of spare parts management, implementing a statistical approach. The Spare Parts application is both easy to use and supported by the most advanced forecasting techniques.

  • Support business users as well as part time analysts and data scientists. Full automation of Estimation and Forecast phases with KPI based alerting to address intervention
  • Map business drivers to achieve accurate forecasts, taking into account the specific business
  • Support every type of users, from business users, to part time analysts and data scientists
  • Use phase-in phase-out management to keep track of different lifecycle phases
  • Spare Parts Forecasting

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