Spare Parts Forecasting

Forecast the demand for spare parts
Published by Accenture


  • Manage spare parts supply and demand
  • Advanced Analytics

Manage spare parts supply and demand

This application helps manage spare part supply and demand. Automated processes will help implement a statistical approach to your forecasting and improve accuracy while reducing workload.

  • Model Library: enables access a standard set of models, specific for the Spare Parts management
  • Guided Modeling: allows less experienced users to build and deploy models with step by step functionalities
  • Visual Modeling: allows part time analysts to manage the whole analysis flow from data exploration to models testing and deployment
  • Item Clustering: helps manage tailored forecasting strategies on thousands of items
  • What-If: allow the testing of models deployment and simulate results to identify the best model
  • Advanced Analytics

  • Item clustering based on the time series to manage tailored forecasting strategies even on thousands of items
  • Forecasting algorithms to take into account seasonality, trends, business drivers
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