Digital Intelligence for Maintenance Technicians


  • Guided Natural Language Interaction
  • Automated Ingestion
  • An Intelligent Platform
  • Easy Integration

Guided Natural Language Interaction

LexX can guide the Technician through any fault isolation scenario using it's Natural Language Processing capabilities, presenting complex data in an intuitive, conversational manner.
Natural Language Processing
  • LexX communicates to the Technician through Natural Language, to guide them through any simple or complex problem
User-Friendly, Intuitive Interface
  • All elements of the LexX platform are designed to cater to the needs of the Technician, delivering easily accessible information in the most inuitive manner

Automated Ingestion

LexX has automated ingestion of technical documentation, including both digital and handwritten documents, being able to process vast amounts of information for the Technician to access with ease
Digitisation of Handwritten Documentation
  • Using LexX's OCR capabilities, it can convert handwritten documentation into readable, digital documents
Intelligent Access to Structured Storage of Documentation
  • LexX is able to intelligently structure all data it ingests, in order to present this information to the technician in the most accessible and intuitive way possible

An Intelligent Platform

LexX is an intelligent platform that utilises Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to learn over time so that troubleshooting is continually refined
Learns from Organisational Data
Learns from Asset Behaviour
Learns from User Behaviour

Easy Integration

LexX's open-source structure allows for easy integration to other ERP and document management systems
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