Digital Intelligence for Maintenance Technicians


Digital Intelligence for Maintenance Technicians

LexX Technologies provide Digital Intelligence For Maintenance Technicians, enabling our clients to achieve improved uptime and on-time performance from their complex equipment.

Our flagship product, LexX, is a digital intelligent assistant that brings experience, knowledge and learning to the fingertips of Maintenance Technicians. LexX leverages the latest in Artificial Intelligence, Deep Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to deliver advanced troubleshooting capabilities and real-time solutions and to a technician's device - anywhere, any time.

LexX is revolutionising the way that maintenance works across industries which utilise complex equipment, including, Aviation, Transit, and Utilities.

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Improved Pump Uptime and On-Time Performance

This is LexX's primary benefit: by guiding, instructing, and empowering the technician through rapid fault isolation, LexX improves the overall uptime and on-time performance of critical assets

Assists with Asset Management Strategies

In improving asset management strategies, LexX can aid asset health and reliability, while also improving asset longevity. LexX's in-built learning capabilities also support an organisation's compliance initiatives (i.e. - ISO55001 for Continuous Improvement)

Enables the Capture and Retention of Valuable Knowledge

LexX captures knowledge not only by ingesting all of an organisation's technical data (including work orders, tech logs, manuals, reports - both digital and handwritten), it can also learn over time from both asset behaviour and the human user's behaviour, so that troubleshooting is continually refined

Greater 'On-Tool' Time for Technicians

Things like inefficiencies in the storage of and access to relevant information on the spot are solved when utilising LexX, which contains all relevant information in a single location, which can be presented to a Technician through Natural Language Interaction
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