Omnio for EcoStruxure

Unified data fuels industrial transformation
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Onboard devices and stream unified data in seconds with Omnio

Omnio's software solution connects to industrial legacy devices and delivers unified data to any IoT platform, bridging the IT/OT gap, enabling the Industrial IoT.

Make it simple

Omnio makes it simple to collect diverse industrial device data and transform it into a unified format. Now your IoT applications can scale with ease.

● It’s unified - Your device data is always unified, regardless of protocol, manufacturer, firmware version or data model.
● It’s easy - You can onboard devices within your normal IT environment without reading device manuals or dealing with protocols.
● It’s fast - Devices are onboarded and their data points are mapped in seconds.

Omnio is available in different modules according to which IoT platform you use.

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Omnio for EcoStruxure

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