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Safe indoor air for Business
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Create your safe workspace

Ever felt tired, sick, cold, difficulty to focus or stuffy air in your office or your workplace? It's not you... it's your air environment...

Office environments are unhealthy. Business are missing out on billions of dollars from the lost productivity and health impacts. Modern buildings are designed to be completely airtight, trapping indoor pollutants that arise from human breathing, printers, furniture, cleaning chemicals...

Meo continuously scans your environment for problems as they arise to give you localised, simple solutions. Meo's monitoring and software solution helps you create safe, healthy and productive spaces by:

  • collecting your data
  • identifying the sources of pollution
  • providing alerts and actionable insights
  • easy-to-implement and cost-effective improvements
  • Take the hassle out of your day. Get quantified wellness and productivity results while reducing energy costs.

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    meo air analytics

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    Implement cost-effective actions

    Don't just get data. Don't waste money on unnecessary equipment. Get cost-effective solutions. Meo pinpoints the causes of pollution and provides smart advice tailored for your situation.

    Communicate on wellness and sustainability

    Reassure team members and customers about the quality of your air with visual dashboards. Obtain information on your wellness, productivity and sustainability actions for internal measurement and communications.

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