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We all need cleaner air
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Improve the air you breathe, with simple actions

meo air analytics advises corporations on cost effective actions to improve indoor air for employee wellness and productivity, as well as for enhanced customer experience.

Sources of pollution are identified thanks to meo nodes (proprietary hardware) mapping the floors. Each node covers 60 m2 on average. All data collected are sent to the cloud through Wi-Fi, for further analysis. Personalised advice is shown in the customer dashboard. Alerts are then sent via emails and WhatsApp messages.

Meo is available through an annual subscription, based on the number of employees. The subscription includes:

  • Preliminary positions of nodes, based on floor plan
  • Nodes required to cover the space
  • Private customer dashboard: real-time, analytics and advice
  • Online support
  • meo air analytics

    customer awareness dashboard


    Advise on cost-effective actions
    Get advice after identifying the source of pollution. Advise focuses on using existing equipment such as Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) or filters maintenance, thus, being investment and energy cost-effective.
    Communicate on wellness and sustainability
    Use localised information to enable efficient energy management when adjusting ventilation for specific areas that need it. All environmental data collected are beautifully presented to employees in their dashboard.