Digital Twin Intelligent Automation Platform
Published by NetObjex Inc


Intelligent Automation Platform

Digital Asset Management utilizing IOT, AI and Blockchain Technologies

We primarily serve 4 major market segments:

  • Smart City
  • Transportation/Automotive
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Manufacturing/Industry 4.0
  • The platform enables entities to enable inter-device communication, blockchain interoperability layer, DQL (Distributed Ledger Query Language), better tracking and tracing of assets, enhance asset performance and utilization, and reduce asset shrinkage/waste/inefficiencies. By utilizing IoT for data acquisition and dissemination,combined with blockchain technology for governance and compliance, business rules are enforced through smart contracts.

    Solutions developed using the NetObjex platform range from smart electricity meters, electric vehicle charging for autonomous and semi-autonomous cars, managing fleets of retail kiosks, powering smart medical devices, and more.

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    NetObjex Platform

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