M580 Development Toolkit

Development Toolkit to design M580 modules
Published by Schneider Electric


M580 Development Toolkit
This Development Toolkit allows a technology company to design and develop M580 module to be integrated into the Modicon M580 configuration.

As part of the Development Toolkit, the following capability is provided:

  • Design the software configuration of the module for its integration with the Modicon M580 engineering platform (EcoStruxure Control Expert)
  • Design the hardware of the module with provided mechanical parts
  • Development guides to help using the Development Toolkit, and manage the project with Schneider Electric
  • Note that the electronic part of the module has to be designed and developed by the technology company according to the purpose of the module. It can be module for communication, inputs / outputs, application specific , to name a few.

    The use of the Development Toolkit requires approval from Schneider Electric to engage the corresponding partnership.

    M580 Development Toolkit


    Enable to design and develop a complementary offer to the existing M580 solutions
    Ease the design and integration of such module - from both a software and hardware perspective
    Engage partnership with Schneider Electric