EcoStruxure™ Maintenance Advisor

Predictive Maintenance & Decision Support Software
Published by Schneider Electric


IIOT platform for predictive maintenance & decision support

Maintenance Advisor is an IIoT platform for Condition Based Maintenance and decision support, enabling profitable operations.

The solution allows the user to monitor asset health in real-time to provide early warning on impending failure and provide actionable alerts. It also provides recommended corrective action to support smart operational and maintenance decisions.

In addition, the embedded workflow and ERP integration supports proactive action on decisions from anywhere.

EcoStruxure™ Maintenance Advisor


Improved Reliability - Prevention of up to 1.5% impaired availability

Embedded condition monitoring engines in Maintenance Advisor enables real-time, automated asset condition monitoring preventing unscheduled slowdown & shutdown, and provides actionable early insight into abnormal asset conditions enabling maintenance to make smart decisions & act before it adversely impact the process

Improved Efficiency - Saving of up to 30% of maintenance effort

Embedded Condition monitoring capability result in reducing the frequency, severity, and cost of repairs, and access clear and concise alerts, with better recommendations and better context around the status of the asset and the criticality of its condition, enables smarter, faster decisions Embeded workflow request capability result in improved collaboration, enhanced traceability and compliance and also streamlines maintenance processes & eliminates paperwork. Provided mobility enables information on go enabling quick response from anywhere.

Improved Safety - Reduced HSE risk

Empowers plant personnel with capability to monitor asset health condition from a remote location. This drastically reduces the need for field trips thus decreasing the probability of an accident. The solution enables condition monitoring reducing the possibility of catastrophic failures thus increasing safety.

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