EcoStruxure™ Machine Advisor

Digital Services for Machines
Published by Schneider Electric


  • Machine Advisor - Track
  • Machine Advisor - Monitor
  • Machine Advisor - Fix

Machine Advisor - Track

  • Store and get access to a machine or a machine type documentation and history: e.g. bill of materials, manuals, maintenance log and task management
  • Easily register your serial machines
  • Instant access to all Schneider electric documentation
  • Instant access to all your machines from the fleet overview page
Machine Advisor - Track

Machine Advisor - Monitor

  • Store and and get access to your machine's “live” data, e.g.: performance data, maintenance data
  • Create your individual dashboard with easy-to-configure widgets
  • Create your monitoring templates and use them accross all machines from the same type !
  • More to come: our new health analytic will assess the health of your assets. Stay tuned !
  • Machine Advisor - Monitor

    Machine Advisor - Fix

  • "Fix features" are coming back soon with the ability to remotely troubleshoot and fix your machines & much more. Stay tuned !
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