EcoStruxure™ Profit Advisor

Real-Time Profit Engine - IIoT-based profitability control solution
Published by Schneider Electric


EcoStruxure™ Profit Advisor
EcoStruxure™ Profit Advisor (formerly known as Foxboro DCS) empowers workforce to help make better business decisions with simple and easy-to-understand tools that drive operational profitability improvements, safely and sustainably

EcoStruxure™ Profit Advisor uses Big Data analytics to measure the financial performance of an industrial operation in real time, from the equipment asset level of a plant up to the process unit, plant area, plant site and enterprise levels.

On-premise or cloud-enabled, Profit Advisor works with any process historian to mine historical and real-time operating data, then processes that data through proprietary segment-specific accounting algorithms to determine real-time operational profitability and potential savings.

EcoStruxure™ Profit Advisor


Enables plant personnel to identify true performance-improving initiatives
Indicates current performance and inform workforce operators when their operating decisions are making the business more profitable
Helps workforce to concentrate and refine efforts to the actions that provide the greatest financial returns
Predicts the profitability of the changes process engineers are proposing, which will substantially minimize project risk and help to eliminate waste