Motion Sizer for iOS

Engineering tool for cam design and power unit dimensioning
Published by Schneider Electric


Engineering tool for cam design and power unit dimensioning

The MotionSizer App is a complete tool to pattern the mechanical requirements of power trains. The tool computes load requirements for gearboxes, and shortlists motor drive combinations, to propose adequate servo / drive combinations, and gearbox options, for the different applications.

MotionSizer offers several selectable standard load cases, including additional transmissions. All of them are configurable at masses, inertia, friction, ratio, etc, to cover the whole mechanical characteristics.

Couting CAMDiagrams, Positioning Editor, Simple Motion profiles and Load profiles, four editors are available to describe the movements to be realized per axis. In addition, environmental conditions which may impact the capabilities of power unit components are considerable, and buffers for the power unit design can be defined.

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Motion Sizer for iOS

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