EcoStruxure™ Traceability Advisor - PIM

PIM tool for Manufacturers and Retailers to gain control of product data
Published by Schneider Electric


  • Highlights
  • Product Data Accuracy & Consistency
  • Omnichannel Strategy
  • GS1 Standards & GDSN
  • Data Exchange between Manufacturers and Retailers


  • Validation of the integration process
  • Capability to manage electronically bids and tenders
  • Product listing process management
  • Data synchronization into your back-office systems
  • Data collection formats: GDSN, P2P, Excel
  • Data quality controls
  • Data enrichment
  • B2C Data integration
  • Full traceability of data changes
  • Sector specific pre-configured setup


Product Data Accuracy & Consistency

Product data are collected within a unique single digital platform, away with the old excel files and other manual documents scattered all around the entire organization.
From now on, all the product information will be stored in the PIM and this will allow to gain valuable time on Product Data Management. Logistics information, pricing, quality, consumer, e-commerce, multimedia and marketing are collated into a digital platform, easy to manage.

It's a fact that 30% of product data inserted manually contains errors. Moreover, for each SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), companies spend 24 minutes to correct these errors manually. PIM ensures to save time and money to manage the quality of the data, strongly improving their quality, accuracy and consistency.

Omnichannel Strategy

Omnichannel is a cross-channel content strategy that organizations use to improve their user experience and drive better relationships with their audience across the different point of contacts, better known as "touchpoints".
PIM offers a comprehensive experience on all the touchpoints, providing the right consistency and reliability of the information.

Whether the consumer discovers or enquires about your product online, in-store or inside a catalogue, the same product information will be made available to your partners. You regain control of your product data and you improve the data quality.

GS1 Standards & GDSN

PIM is the digital tool to send electronic product items to your clients of CPG retail, e-commerce, marketplaces, reseller network, or any other marketing and sales support (catalogues, leaflets, etc.). Within few clicks, you will reach international markets or just a single country.

Certified by GS1, the product data are compliant to the standards required across the full supply chain. Strongly reducing the time-to-market to manage and update product data, Manufacturers and Retailers could use GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network) to ensure a proper data exchange.
The Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) is an internet-based, interconnected network of interoperable data pools governed by GS1 standards, enabling companies around the world to exchange standardized product master data with their trading partners.

Data Exchange between Manufacturers and Retailers

As a manufacturer, you are now equipped with the digital tool to work with large modern retailer groups and e-commerce specialists. All the cards are in your hand to increase your sales with a PIM that enables you to create rich product information in order to entice your final consumers.

As a retailer, by speeding up the process of referencing your suppliers' products, you reduce the time to market to the end consumer, providing always the right information properly updated.
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