EcoStruxure™ Traceability Advisor - PIM

PIM tool for Manufacturers and Retailers to gain control of product data
Published by Schneider Electric


Make Product Information Management easier

Manufacturers and Retailers need a powerful tool to centralize and manage their product information.

It's essential to share up-to-date data, whether it's aimed at professionals or consumers, while at the same time meeting the consumers' expectations in terms of depth and richness of information (attributes): characteristics, allergens, dimensions, product images, and more.

EcoStruxure™ Traceability Advisor - PIM (Product Information Management) application is the ultimate solution for managing and publishing your products and electronic product catalogues, by centralizing all the product data, including marketing, pricing, logistics, and technical data, as well as EU1169 requirements, pictures, videos, and translations to name a few.

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EcoStruxure™ Traceability Advisor - PIM

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Harmonize your product information

Your product data are centralized within a single digital platform easy to manage: logistics information, pricing, quality, consumer, e-commerce, multimedia, marketing.

Synchronize your product information (GDSN, P2P, ...)

Certified by GS1, your electronic product data are perfectly compliant to the standards expected by your clients and partners and herewith will reduce your time-to-market.

Provide best in class consumer experience

You can now offer to your consumers a comprehensive experience on all your channels and touchpoints. The consistency, accuracy and the reliability of the information is guaranteed.

Increase your sales turnover

All the cards are in your hand to increase your sales with a PIM that enables you to create rich product information in order to entice your final consumers.

Reduce errors of product data

PIM ensures to save time and money to manage the quality of the data, strongly improving their quality.

Product Attributes

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