EcoStruxure™ Process Expert - Power Control Library

EcoStruxure™ Process Expert Power Control Library
Published by Schneider Electric


EcoStruxure™ Process Expert - Power Control Library

The Power Control library helps in:

  • Building graphical one-line diagrams of the electrical system and equipment as connected in the power network.
  • Configuring priorities, nominal ratings for every load on the network.
  • Continuous power balance calculations between generation & load.
  • Interlocking function for circuit breakers on the network.
  • Simulation of different power scenarios during testing & commissioning.
  • EcoStruxure™ Process Expert - Power Control Library


    Power monitoring

  • Components to build one-line diagram of the electrical system
  • Connections between components of the electrical system
  • Each equipment uniquely identified
  • Ratings of equipment
  • Energy awareness

  • Maximum (nominal) power a source is capable of providing
  • Generation that can be picked up within reasonable time after the loss of connected generation
  • The maximum (nominal) power that every load can draw
  • Criticality of every load connected
  • Priority of loads to re-connect with in a criticality group
  • Power control

  • Continuous power balance calculations that enable decisions
  • Perform automatic load shedding
  • Re-connecting the disconnected loads when power source is restored
  • Interlocking between loads to control load shedding
  • Simulation

  • Supports simulation for efficient design power management systems
  • Supports testing & commissioning
  • Evaluate impact of power loss or overload scenarios during operation by simulation
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