EcoStruxure™ Process Expert - Energy Management Library

Active Energy Management for your Plant
Published by Schneider Electric


Energy Management Library for EcoStruxure™ Process Expert.

The Energy Management Library detects energy waste on every run of every day, analyze it in real-time, and enables corrective action.

  • Positioned to offer complete energy measurement in an integrated approach with Process Control.
  • Library offers monitoring and measurement of electrical and non-electrical process data.
  • Both electrical and non-electrical energy data complies with ODVA standards. These blocks are capable of providing aggregated energy at each level, there by providing user the energy consumption data.
  • The Energy Management Library offers library blocks which convert process measurement values (flows, temperature, pressure, current, voltage and run time) into energy measurement values (kW/kWh).
  • The Energy Management library allows for these blocks to be added and subtracted to provide an approximate energy measurement for higher levels within the process hierarchy.
  • The Energy Management library enables the energy consumption and the process to be compared to alarm conditions and for energy to be monitored constantly but only alarmed when issues occur.
  • EcoStruxure™ Process Expert - Energy Management Library


    Air Compressor



    Enables Energy Aware Actions

  • Monitors consumption and alerts on overconsumption to detect process and equipment issues
  • Simplifies the implementation of energy saving strategies
  • Efficient Production

  • Integrates energy efficient equipment and machines
  • Advanced process control for a better process operation
  • Secures production in the event of energy supply failure
  • Monitors Energy in Production Context

  • Accesses metered and process measured energy
  • Links energy consumption to process actions
  • Provides direct operator feedback on the energy impact of their actions
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