EcoStruxure™ Process Expert - Energy Management Library

Active Energy Management for your Plant
Published by Schneider Electric


  • Measure unmetered energy
  • Enable operators with energy
  • Energy management for utilities

Measure unmetered energy

  • Water (Hot/Cold), Air (or Hydraulics), Gas (or fuel), Steam (Boilers)
  • Electricity or Virtual Energy demand

  • Typical Energy Metering Systems
  • Measure the supply of energy
  • Measure costs for bill allocation

  • Process Energy Measurement
  • Measures the components of energy
  • Measures the impact of energy on the process
  • Can measure any energy (WAGES)

  • Processes Measured
  • Heat Transfer (Hot, Cold)
  • Fuel (Gas, Solid)
  • Electrical (Volt/Current, Power)
  • Process Element (virtual energy meter)
  • Measure unmetered energy

    Enable operators with energy

    Take action to be more efficient
  • Real-time operator notification on energy
  • Dedicated Pane in library templates

  • Aligns energy with location - Abnormal Energy Consumption tracking
  • Add energy consumed in multiple devices to provide a process energy
  • Energy profiles per energy and product or non-production period monitor deviations in energy consumption
  • Subtract energy which is generated to create a net process energy
  • Reports highlight and quantify overconsumption over any period

  • Aligns energy with an action - Analysis energy across multiple dimensions
  • Divide time to create intervals associated with a single action
  • Analysis by different products, shifts, crews and process settings to identify the drivers of energy consumption
  • Measure the quantity of production to create an energy intensity
  • Analysis of the impact of production on energy cost and how production could be optimized

  • Alerts operators on energy waste - Discover process issues or equipment wear
  • Matches energy consumption for a given production to identify waste
  • Measure energy into (metered) and used (process) to determine system energy efficiency
  • Uses cumulative sum of deviation to remove nuisance alarms
  • Measure energy consumed each production step to find energy waste or equipment wear
  • Energy management for utilities

    Compressed air
  • Common issues: equipment wear and air leakage
  • Measure: Energy in, air/pressure created, air used
  • Discover: Reduced efficiency of compression and leakages in air system

  • Boilers
  • Common issues: process alignment equipment wear
  • Measure: Energy in, boiler energy, heat transferred
  • Discover: Heat exchange efficiency, boiler and process alignment and steam systems losses

  • Pumping system
  • Common issues: Equipment wear, leakage/blockage
  • Measure: Energy in, pump configuration, liquid delivered
  • Discover: Pump efficiency comparison, leakages/blockages in pipe and optimized pump schedule

  • Conveying systems
  • Common issues: Belt alignment, feeder efficiency
  • Measure: Energy in, volume transferred, bin level
  • Discover: Feeder benchmarking and conveyor tension
  • Energy management for utilities
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