EcoStruxure™ Process Expert - Cement Library

Cement Library for Process Automation
Published by Schneider Electric


  • Situational awareness capabilities
  • Multi-Fuel Control
  • Gas analyzer
  • Girth gear lubrication

Situational awareness capabilities

Graphical objects are designed to cater situational awareness capabilities to the operator ensuring effectiveness and higher productivity. The animated Genie objects displays the necessary status and details about the equipment and process.

The Faceplates provide detailed information about the equipment.

  • Customized GPL SA templates to Fit to Cement segment needs.
  • Modes, Local Panel, Failures and Interlocks configured to cater MMM Segment needs.
  • Integrates Seamlessly with GPL SA templates.
  • Right level of services enabled by default for Engineering efficiency.
  • Capability to switch between default and alternate services.
  • Capability to extend number of failures and interlock conditions.
  • Situational awareness capabilities

    Multi-Fuel Control

    The Multi Fuel Control - control module template is used to control the ratio of different fuels of different types. The main application is managing kiln burner fuel ratio.

    The template can control upto six different fuels. It generates six set points to individual actuators that indirectly maintain a ratio between six different fuels. This template supports four modes of operation:

  • Auto mode 1
  • Auto mode 2
  • Manual mode
  • External mode
  • Features
    • Custom built block to control the ratio of ingredients of a continuous process.
    • Designed to increase the energy efficiency by increasing the secondary fuel throughput.
    • Single set point entry by operator in GJ/h to increase ease of operation.
    • The block continuously monitors the process feedback value.
    • Bump less transfer and Unaffected by online start/stop of actuators.
    Multi-Fuel Control

    Gas analyzer

    The Gas Analyzer control module template supports four inputs (CO, O2, NOx, SOx) and eight types of analyzer. This Gas Analyzer control module template reads the following status of the gas analyzer operation:

  • Measurement operation on (MeasOn)
  • Purging operation on (PurgingOn)
  • Probe retraction (ProbeRetractOn)
  • Scavenging cycle operation on (ScavengingOn)
  • Probe inline status (Probe1Inline, Probe2Inline)
  • Probe in status (ProbeIn)
  • Probe out status (ProbeOut)
  • Processes the input parameters and holds the value during purging.

    E.g. Application : Kiln inlet Gas, Pre Heater Outlet Gas

    Gas analyzer

    Girth gear lubrication

    Girth gear lubrication control with monitoring and warning of the lubrication oil tank levels.

    The Girth gear lubrication control module template is customized for supervising the girth gear lubrication operation. This block supports 8 spray nozzles and monitors the inoperable conditions.

  • Supports 4 nozzles each in side A and side B
  • Monitors 4 failure conditions
  • E.g. Application: Kiln Girth Gear Lubrication

    Operator can perform filtration based on multiple strategies predefined in the template

    Girth gear lubrication
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