Cloud Connected Sensor XIOT

Cloud Connected Sensor
Published by Schneider Electric


"Simply easy!" solution to monitor your assets

Telemecanique Sensors offers an IoT solution to collect data from remote equipment and use this data, via the Internet, on a PC or mobile device.

When the contacts on a sensor installed on your site changes status, the transmitter sends a message to the IoT network (LPWAN), which is then routed to our secure servers. This message is then delivered to one or more recipients as an alert on PC, tablet, or smartphone.

The XIOT communication offer from Telemecanique Sensors is based on LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) technology, operated by Sigfox. The Sigfox network uses antennas with a range of around 50 km. The map on the Sigfox website shows exactly which areas are covered by the network

Cloud Connected Sensor XIOT

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