Data and Communication Solutions for Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

Hardware and software communication tools for smart and secure BESS operation
Published by HMS Networks GmbH


Multi-faceted communication and data analysis

What is the optimum BESS/BMS/EMS network topology? How to deploy CAN bus over long distances with high bitrates? How to integrate third party equipment using industry-specific protocols to your EMS? These and many more questions are raised to engineers and planners across the battery energy storage market. The manifold industrial data communication solutions from HMS Networks are the smart answers therefore.

Relying on HMS technologies, you can count on one single source for communication and networking solutions for Industry 4.0. Due to many years of experience with CAN-based systems and various energy and cloud protocols we provide a deep knowledge in this area. HMS understands itself as your partner for concept development, system design, deployment and support. As a reputable and reliable supplier, HMS offers global product availability and seamless international project collaboration.
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Data and Communication Solutions for Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)


Scalability of BESS: Integration flexibility

Using data and communication tools from HMS, your BESS becomes future-proof. Your networks can be scaled up by using a huge variety of different industrial protocols such as CAN, CAN FD, PROFINET, PROFIBUS, Modbus, MQTT, OPCUA and many more. Thanks to the EMC cleanup, your CAN communication is made effortless. Additionally, used EV batteries can be revived and seamlessly integrated in 2nd-Life CAN-BMS. This can be realized with gateways, bridges and repeaters.

Data-driven TCO reduction

Applying HMS products means to be capable of smart monitoring measures such as predictive and remote maintenance - massively reducing your total cost of ownership. Different smart communication tools enable turbocharge commissioning. By using HMS data logger, test tools and data visualization software, your data communication networks will run flexible and scalable.

AIoT-enabled safety and optimization

By relying on AI-enabled battery safety technologies from HMS, your BESS life cycle will increase. Predictive safety maintenance and AI-optimized processes will additionally uplift your system performance. Multi-functional network devices such CAN@Net or the CANnector make this happen. Partnering with AI experts such as accure empowers HMS to provide state-of-the-art AI solutions for your BESS.
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