EcoStruxure™ Energy & Sustainability Scoring API

API to score and benchmark energy & sustainability performance of building sites
Published by Schneider Electric


Energy & Sustainability performance score delivered at scale

EcoStruxure Energy & Sustainability Scoring API is a unique interface accessible to site owners or software application providers to easily compute the energy and sustainability performance score of sites equipped with compatible EcoStruxure systems, based on LEED partner Arc Skoru.


The API delivers a performance scoring using building performance data from EcoStruxure, then ranks and compares the performance against a regional and worldwide benchmark across similar buildings. Such scoring and benchmark results follow LEED certification criteria.


Using this API, the corresponding LEED project will be automatically registered in the Arc Skoru platform, allowing users to achieve LEED sustainability certification, if desired.


The API automatically connects the EcoStruxure building data in order to get the performance scoring and benchmarking results. The building descriptive metadata is automatically shared as required for this calculation.


This API enables any customer site equipped with a compatible EcoStruxure offer to easily receive its performance score in order to better manage the site efficiency strategy. All results can be used and visualized into any software application integrating this API.


  • As a site owner you can easily access scoring service results over your portfolio of sites with limited effort
  • As a software provider, you can easily present the scoring results of your customers directly into your software interface to deliver more sustainability efficiency.


EcoStruxure™ Energy & Sustainability Scoring API


Benchmark site performance

Compare performance by using real measurement data from sites and by applying best in class industry scoring expertise based on worldwide data.

Access scores at scale

Save time by leveraging EcoStruxure automated access to data and compute score over large portfolio of sites without additional efforts.

Display results wherever you need

In Schneider compatible apps, in a custom dashboard or in your own software, results are made available on demand with a simple API.

Secure and trusted data sharing

Schneider Electric verifies owner consent to share data to scorer service and ensure a reliable and secure end to end data delivery.
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