FortiSwitch™ Rugged

Secure and Ruggedized Ethernet Switching
Published by Fortinet


High performance for harsh environments

FortiSwitch™ Rugged switches deliver all of the performance and security of the trusted FortiSwitch secure, simple, scalable Ethernet solution, but with added reinforcement that makes them ideal for deployments in harsh environments.

Resilient, sturdy and capable of withstanding intense temperature fluctuations, FortiSwitch Rugged ensures the integrity and performance of mission critical networks in even the most challenging of deployments.

FortiSwitch™ Rugged


Sturdy IP30 Construction

Built to ingress protection 30 standards, the construction is designed to perform while enduring hostile conditions

Passive Cooling

With no fan and no moving parts, the mean time between failure is greater than 25 years

Redundant Power Inputs

Maximizes network availability by eliminating the down time associated with failure of a power input

Power over Ethernet Capability

Seamless integration of peripheral devices such as cameras, sensors, and wireless access points into the network
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